A Lesson in Cruelty (2018)

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  Release Date: Feb 02, 2018

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  Runtime: 72 min


“A Lesson in Cruelty,” written by Gregory P. Wolk. Justin Lebrun tears into the role of lucky banker Julian Hassole taking into consideration gusto, but his efforts don’t publication the fact that as written, Julian is a needy man’s report of a Neil LaBute feel from the ’90s a powerful man who insouciantly revels at the taboo language he hurls at everyone concerning him. He seems to laugh at his own naughty wickedness, in the form of lowest common denominator racism, sexism and classism.

Julian’s tortured employees throw him a Roman feast for a birthday celebration, where the airing of grievances turns bloody, as the mob turns on their Caesar.

The characters at whom Julian directs his identity-based slighted are presented as quantity stereotypes a Latino driver who uses “seor” repeatedly, an accented Asian girl, a Jewish man considering a yarmulke and sidecurls. Their relationships previously him feels as if it’s supposed to interpret some sort of social commentary, but it unconditionally falls flat subsequently than these one-dimensional characterizations.

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