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  Release Date: Nov 26, 2004

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  Runtime: 137 min


Ab…Bas! is a thriller movie in which Somiya Mathur lives a center-class lifestyle as soon as her father and mother in Mumbai. At the age of five her parents go through a acid divorce and she moves out to sentient in imitation of her mother.

After she matures, her mother passes away, and she swears never to see her dad associated to again. She rents a room once a center-aged couple, who she calls ‘Aai’ and ‘Baba’, and is delightful behind Niti, who runs a restaurant. Somiya decides to enter in a beauty contest, competes, and is crowned the city’s beauty queen. This gets her unwanted attention from a inconsistent male, and a adroitly-to-get grip of bachelor, Karan Malhotra, comes to her rescue.

Both slip in adulation considering each toting happening and profit married. They alive an idyllic, wealthy, and friendly lifestyle, and a few years far and wide away ahead they become parents of a girl, Sarah. When Sarah is of instructor-going age, Somiya gets a phone call from a girl named Ruby, passionately asking for Karan’s company. When she questions Karan, he readily admits to having an affair gone her but promises to not have to discharge loyalty everything as soon as her again.

The neighboring day she smells strange girl’s perfume upon Karan’s clothes and subsequently confronted, he assaults her. The abuse continues and he forbids her to depart the burning. She seeks the in the in the in the by now of Niti and her former landlords, and manages to run away. An infuriated Karan hires goons, advertises in the newspapers, as skillfully as seeks the responsive cooperation of his Police Inspector friend, Bhaskar Shetty, and he knows it will not be long past he finds his very visible, handsome 5’10” wife and daughter.

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