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  Release Date: Jun 18, 2018

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In Andhra Mess, there are ingredients that one needs for a black comedy, but the film we profit is flavourless. Right in the commencement scene, director Jai establishes that he is going for something quirky. But there is a difference in wanting to be a quirky film and being one, and the film handily belongs in the former category.

Devaraj (Vinod), a gangster, is hired to steal a sack from a residence, and he delegate’s this task to his underlings, Varadhu (AP Shreethar), Rathna (Raj Bharath), Ritchie (Madhivanan Rajendran) and Sethu (Balaji). Varadhu, who has just strange going on subsequent to his girlfriend (who has maltreated him for physical a nobody), finds out that the bag has crores of cash and decides that this could be his moment to profit affluent. The four criminals scoot away later the bag to a distant village, where they come taking place following than the keep for a favorable confession refuge knocked out Janardhanan (Amarendran), an elderly man whose associates were considering zamindars, and Bala (Tejaswini), his minor wife. During their stay, Rathna and Bala begin an affair, and Arasi (Pooja Devariya), Richie’s girlfriend, in addition to enters the scene. With Devaraj exasperating to track them along with to, for how long can they stay hidden – and more importantly, linked?

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