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  Release Date: Jan 28, 2017

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  Runtime: 76 min


Antiporno, pseudonym Anti-Porno, is a 2016 Japanese softcore pornography film directed by Sion Sono. It was released by Nikkatsu as the fourth film in the reboot of its Roman Porno series. Kyko (Ami Tomite) is a famous artist and writer trapped in a lonely gilded cage of her own do its stuff where she speaks to the phantom memory of her dead sister Noriko (Mariko Tsutsui). Her fashion put in in crime Noriko arrives to assist taking place her prepare to be interviewed by a prominent lifestyle magazine. Wrestling once nausea and self-doubt, she alleviates her insecurities by subjecting her older fashion add together to a series of ritual humiliations in stomach of the others.
A director yells “Cut!” and it is revealed that the two women were playing parts in a pornographic film. Noriko unveils herself as a prima donna who is wound up moreover than the fledgling actress Kyko’s amateurish ineptitude and subjects her to humiliations mirroring those in the scripted scene. The layers of the two actresses’ definite personalities and Kyko’s background are revealed greater than the course of repeated performances of the scene.

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Anchi-poruno | Antiporno | Antiporno | Antyporno
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