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  Release Date: Dec 29, 2017

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Balloon (2017), horror thriller released in Tamil language in theatre near you in . Once these manageable of films were slotted under reincarnation. Today, they are known as ghost stories, and Tamil cinema seems to be tirelessly pursuing this genre, but without coming out following all remotely refreshing. We see the same woman that we axiom years ago in The Exorcist, her eyes a glazed grey, her voice manly and curt. Doors creak, clocks decrease off walls, windows door and a deathly wind blows in along back the evil vibrancy.

And I motto all of this in the Tamil language Balloon, written and directed by Sinish. What is worse is that a movie fitted into the horror genre is punctuated a million period by slapstick humor a lineage that taking into account reference to every one recent ghost film in Tamil when Balloon has taken in a misconceived notion that this is what entertains. But the moment a writer or a helmer begins to mixture genres, the tab gets diluted, and it remains neither entertaining nor scary.

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