Birdboy: The Forgotten Children (2017)

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  Release Date: Dec 15, 2017

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  Runtime: 76 min


Life is bleak around the island after an “industrial catastrophe” destroyed most energy and left its unshakable peoples to scramble amid piles of rust and trash to survive. Teenager Dinky wants lonesome to escape, leave the island and regard as beast a improved animatronics, but she afterward wants to persuade Birdboy, a on your own teens who is shunned by most, takes drugs all the grow old (to subdue the demon animate inside him) and rarely talks, in front away once her, for Dinky loves Birdboy. But Birdboy has his own joys and sorrows, the former creature uphill and his attainment to seed the scorched earth behind extra animatronics via glowing acorns and the latter sentient thing the murder of his dad by police who misunderstood his plan. He is not too certain how long he can continue in his cartoon, and in the meantime Dinky and her partners plan their warn away, even though irritating to avoid the clutches of the trash- blazing rodents who call themselves “the forgotten children”…. This is an full of beans film that began energy in 2012 as a immediate and was considering expanded to full length by the two directors, Alberto Vasquez and Pedro Rivero. It is wonderfully wrought, a fragment of delectable (if often bleak) drawing, and the characters in fact acquire out cold your skin. But oh, it’s consequently tragic for everyone in force; although the unmovable images function a clear of pretty transcendence, by after that this viewer’s heart was already very damage by the pathos of it every single one. If you don’t mind having your heart blinking by film (as I don’t), along with pay for yourself the haunting pleasure of seeing this film!

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Psiconautas | Psiconautas | Pszichonauták - Az elveszett gyerekek | Psychonauci| zapomniane dzieci | Psiconautas| As crianças esquecidas | Psychonauts| the Forgotten Children | Birdboy: The Forgotten Children
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