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  Release Date: Feb 23, 2018

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  Runtime: 94 min


Half Magic is a spacious ode to female empowerment, and its theatrical freedom feels perfectly timed to the MeToo leisure movement. While the pic proves too frivolous to make its satirical and social points thoroughly register, it offers diverting pleasures along the quirk. Needless to declare, Graham’s fans in particular will eat it going on.

Speaking of eating it taking place, graphic discussions about oral sex are a processing theme in the film, which gives you an idea of its ribald sensibilities. Those are furthermore readily apparent from the put into organization scene showing Honey being shagged from astern though standing occurring, subsequent to her gloves, Peter (Chris D’Elia), understandably having tiny magnetism in harshly speaking his own pleasure. Peter as well as routinely shoots all along Candy’s workplace suggestions. In one, she questions, together as well as added things, why sluts in horror films the whole compulsion to be brutally murdered. “I when sluts!” Honey declares at a script meeting, to no avail.

Free-thinking and sexually liberated, Honey is guilt-torn as proficiently, as evidenced by the recurring flashbacks to the sermons of her childhood preacher (Johnny Knoxville, enormously humorous) in which he warns that sexual temptation will lessening to the gates of hell.

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