Life Feels Good (2013)

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  Release Date: Oct 11, 2013

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  Runtime: 112 min


Life Feels Good, directed by Maciej Pieprzyca, manages to avoid these pitfalls to discover the deeply human description underneath. Depicting one Polish mans sorrow as soon as cerebral palsy from 1987 to a propos the puff day, Life Feels Good is a beside and uplifting fable that never softens the edges and is that much stronger for it.

We foundation when Young Mateusz (Kamil Tkacz) in the 1980s, visiting the doctor as soon as his mom (Dorota Kolak). The prognosis isnt pleasurable. Claiming to have enough keep an turn recommendation about his condition, the female medic declares that Mateusz will never be in the middle of-door to and is improved off at a hospital for the logically poorly. Naturally, his mother disagrees and takes him straight home. There he stays gone his two siblings and his pleasant dad (Arkadiusz Jakubik), who may beverage too much but really cares for his son and often points out to him the names of the constellations in the space. But following his father dies, and Mateusz (now played by Dawid Ogrodnik) becomes too oppressive to be carried by his mother, he has is taken to an institute for the mentally ill.

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