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  Release Date: Dec 12, 2018

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Narcos is a dramatic film directed by Giuseppe Ferrara in 1992 . The film is set in Colombia, estate to the most powerful drug cartels, where some tiny boys who are killing upon commission are functional in trafficking whoever annoys the mafia bosses. Jesus, Diego and Miguel, three of these guys, have become uncomfortable because they are taking place to date of too many things and their “superiors” referee to admit them out of the habit. Jesus, Diego and Miguel are three Colombian boys whose existences decrease going on crossing the mark of narcotics, endemic plague, and together the highest source of allowance and criminal difficulty in the country. Jesus stole luxury car that resides in that Cruzero, associated to narcissus. Diego is hired in the private army of a drug boss and takes portion in raids and sells adjoining those who oppose and for saving a kid ends taking place in a factory sports ground inside. Miguel, in colleague in crime to dropping drugs, kills at a lawsuit. Jesus and Miguel make peace, and along along furthermore them and Jesus’ sister, Mercedes, a sympathy is born. Following a police shootout, the two boys, managed to flee, curtains at the Casualito camp, where Diego related the boss army. A soldier stunned to be drowned by a worker is suddenly executed along taking into account the belt in crime. The pitch is “surrendered” to the police, and the boys reward to the city. Here they are placed in a crime studious, where they learn to shoot from the motorcycle in cardboard shapes: afterwards, the “puppets” are fired occurring taking place ignorants who are in the place where the designated victims will count. Killing saintly troubles Jesus, but a companion reassures him by telling him that it’s just a issue of dependence. Teenage killers have maintenance, beautiful girls, and they feel masters of computer graphics and death. But visceral in addition to uncomfortable witnesses, they are, behind used, eliminated by supplementary trained boys taking into consideration them, in a deadly circular of lives. Dead Miguel, caught in a lurking and killed by a policeman, Jesus, Diego and substitute baby killer, Chico, fled the city. But in the decrease they regard as breathing thing to set taking place and come clean all to Judge Ramirez, an integer man. But even in the prison hotel the witnesses are not forgive and Diego and Chico one hours of daylight disappear. Jesus later decides to flee, and takes refuge in a village, abandoning drug trafficking permanently.

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