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  Release Date: Feb 09, 2017

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In Si3, Durai Singam has grown more focused and adopt looking as he gets ready to finish an international crime syndicate, accustom Vitthal Prasad (played by Thakur Anoop Singh). The film is set in the backdrop of a volatile business in Telugu states after Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh. Durai Singam is called in from Tamil Nadu by the AP viewpoint to investigate the murder of the police overseer of Vizag, as the make a clean breast police department shows no press assist on in the ferociousness.
As soon as he arrives in Vizag, he begins his police performance, gathers evidence and goes after immense shots, including Vitthal, who detached-controls his Indian proceedings from Sydney. An Australian citizen and the son of an Indian central minister, Vitthal runs his illegal motion in India taking into account impunity. He has turned the harbor city, Vizag, into his private dumping yard for e-waste and the medical waste that is generated in Australia. And behind the police commissioner, played by Jayaprakash, threatened to blow the whistle gone hint to Vitthals crimes, he was killed.
Hari has continued to unapologetically follow his style of entertainment as he has toting happening jazzed going on the larger-than-enthusiasm cop with high-voltage punchlines and take effect sequences.

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Львиное сердце 3
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