The Jade Pendant (2017)

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  Release Date: Nov 03, 2017

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A tragic exaltation fable set closely the lynching of 18 Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles, in 1871. Filmed in Utah. Follows the journey of a youthful girl who, fleeing an decided marriage in China, finds herself on the subject of the order of American shores. A sentient and pretty girl raised in China by her widower dad. He taught her reading, calligraphy, painting and kung fu. At age four, she resisted foot-binding. At 16, she rejected an decided marriage; repulsed rape attempts in Hong Kong by her uncle; and signed almost as a domestic to a brothel in San Francisco for five years. She sent the $200 facilitate stipend to her poorly father. This is a credit of Peony’s goal to run her own destiny against pleasant odds. The mystic jade pendant – Peony’s grandmother gave her the heirloom pendant axiom, “Keep it taking into account you at all grow very old. It will guard you and find the maintenance for you insight.” Frank Michaels, by mistake snatched the pendant from Peony during the 1871 Chinatown Massacre. He kept the pendant as his surrogate mistress for 52 years. In 1923, he returned it to her husband Tom Wong who brought it to her grave in a very surreal fighting. Frank desperately needed absolution for his participation in the Massacre previously he dies. During Peony’s brusque vibrancy, three Chinese men and Frank were infatuated subsequent to her. She loved Tom dearly. Their computer graphics together was unexpected but his adulation for her was unceasing.

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